5 Main Types of Towing Trucks – the best way of quality towing

5 Main Types of Towing Trucks – the best way of quality towing

A Short Guide to Help You Recognize the Main Types of Tow Trucks and the Services They Provide

Your vehicle can break down unexpectedly, so you should always be prepared with the number of a reliable towing service provider in the area you live in, just in case you don’t have anyone else to pull you to the nearest auto repair shop or you are too far from civilization. If you are looking for quality towing services around Las Vegas, NV, you must consider the options you have and choose the one which will fit your situation and budget best.

Here are the main types of tow trucks local wrecker companies can offer you:
1) Traditional hook and chain – as you may guess a hook and a chain are used to tow a vehicle. Although they used to be the most popular types of auto wrecker trucks, now they are not used as often as they were before. This is because they are not suitable for long-distance towing and the chains may damage or scratch the automobile towed. This is why they are mainly sent to pick junk cars or abandoned vehicles.
2) Wheel lift – It evolved from the hook and chain truck, so instead of using chains, it uses a metal yoke. The yoke should be hooked under the front or rear wheels to be towed away.  With this tow truck the vehicle is lifted from the ground and cannot be scratched.
3) Flatbed (slide) – It has a long empty truck bed which has a flat top. The truck itself has a hydraulics system in place to move the flat bed up and down and tilted into a ramp. This method makes the entire loading process relatively easier. This is the most preferred quality towing truck nowadays because with it your vehicle is not dragged and this relieves pressure from it.
4) Integrated, Quick pick, Repo truck – Used mainly to repossess illegally parked vehicles, this truck consists of boom and wheel-lift integrated into one unit. Most of them have controls for the apparatus inside the cab of the tow truck. It helps to make the pickup as quick as possible without the inconvenience of exiting the truck to hook up the automobile.
5) Heavy-duty boom truck – This type of truck is not necessarily used for towing. A lot of trucks are equipped with an adjustable boom winch, which serves for recovering vehicles which are in a ditch, culvert, over an embankment, or any place the vehicle cannot be safely backed-up to.

Call Express Towing when you need quality towing, give us information about the model of your vehicle and the problem you have sustained, and we will instantly send you a specialist with the tow truck you need.