Nevada Laws for Towing and Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

Nevada Laws for Towing and Removal of Abandoned Vehicles

A Detailed Overview of the Main Laws and Regulations in Nevada, Concerning Removal of Abandoned Cars From Public and Private Premises

Many vehicle owners, who no longer need the old car they had, consider abandoning the vehicle, instead of informing the authorities, that it is no longer in use. The main reason for this may be the fact that the vehicle owner will have to go to the DMV to surrender the car’s license plates, write a formal notification, and pay a local wrecker company who provides towing services to take the vehicle to the junkyard. Donation is another option: but even if a car owner donates his vehicle to a charity in order to get a tax write-off, he will still have to do a lot of research in order to find the best organization and still pay one of the towing companies in the area to deliver the vehicle which is no longer running.

If you belong to the group of people considering abandoning a vehicle, you better think twice before you act, as there are plenty of unpleasant consequences which may follow you as a result of this act. Here are some Nevada laws you definitely need to take into consideration.

Nevada Traffic Laws – CHAPTER 487 – Repair, removal and disposal of vehicles

Hand with keysHere are what different sections of the road law deal with:
SECTION 487.220 – The owner of a vehicle which is no longer used should be held responsible for paying the cost of removal and disposition of the abandoned vehicle (if we presume the vehicle is abandoned by a registered owner).
SECTION 487.290 and SECTION 487.300 – Here are listed the amount of penalties for unlawful possession of unregistered vehicles unfit for use.
SECTION 487.038 – Deals with the removal of vehicles, parked in unauthorized manner on private property.

Abandoned vehicles constitute a safety hazard and a public nuisance and are detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the general public. This is why the laws in Las Vegas, NV give individuals or towing companies, who are not in possession of the cars left at public or private properties, to organize some towing services on behalf of the owner and remove them from the place they were left to rot. If you have more questions about this matter, or are interested in booking a wrecker service, please turn to Express Towing. We are always available to assist you!