Standard Tow Trucks Offered by Towing Companies in Las Vegas NV

Standard Tow Trucks Offered by Towing Companies in Las Vegas NV

Which are the Main Types of Tow Trucks Which the Local Wrecker Service Providers Offer

Those of you, who have never called any of the local towing companies and don’t know anything about wrecker services will probably be interested to learn which are the main types of tow trucks, which the members of the local community prefer. Although the following article presents just a brief overview of them, it will help you get a general idea about the types of towing services, you can expect when you call an auto wrecker in Las Vegas, NV.

Pick Your Tow Truck:
Towed away1. Flat bed tow truck (side deck truck) – Tow trucks of this type are fitted with a flat metal deck which is hydraulically inclined and lowered to ground level. This can help the vehicle, which is being towed to be easily loaded on the truck. Once this is done, the driver should only lift the platform to a transportation position. This type of tow truck can also be used to transport machinery, special equipment, RVs, trailers, motorbikes and all types of vehicles, which have been severely damaged or completely broken after a road accident.
2. Lift tow truck – It is a relatively modern towing method, but unfortunately, it can be used for short distance towing only. This is because with this type of tow truck the vehicle is winched and strapped to a lifting grid which is then raised.
3. Cradle tow truck (wheel -lifter) – It uses a hydraulic arm that is lowered from the rear of the wrecker vehicle to lift either the front or the rear of any type and size of automobile off the ground. This tow truck, however, is not a very common choice, as your vehicle is likely to get damaged if the towing route is a long one.
4. Ramp tow truck – It is perfect for transporting damaged automobiles to the junkyard. It has a limited loading capacity, and is normally called after a major car collision to tow away the wrecked vehicles.

Some local towing companies, of course, offer some variations to these vehicles. Always make sure to pick the type of truck to accommodate your needs, do not hurry up to book whatever. We, at Express Towing, know that being stuck in the middle of the road is no fun, but keeping calm and contacting a towing specialist offering you various options, like we do, can be the key to successful vehicle transportation!